02 Nov 2017 Membership Alert: Kerry Searle


Hi There Mind Blank fans,

I am writing to introduce you all to our newest Mind Blank Ltd member Kerry Searle.

As a gesture of our appreciation for her impact to the team we thought we would

highlight our journey in a quick blog.

Our history together…

“Kerry is certainly not new to our team. In fact Kerry is one of the rare individuals that has been supporting our work since our very first encounter back in 2011. She was there to witness our very first pilot event, she was there with us when we took our shows on tour for the first time, she saw our first great successful grant rounds, and attended all our launches and various gala dinner events.

Kerry was often viewed by our creative team as a mother hen. She has always been so supportive and often got our team out of tricky situations.

During our team collaborations it was quite often that Kerry’s car (and our office) were filled with mental health packs, pens, pencils, an odd prop or two, and lots and lots of paperwork.

Some things that Kerry has assisted us with:
- Research evaluations 
- Script development and creative content 
- Grant writing 
- Networking 
- Speech giver

In her spare time Kerry is not shy of the stage. Whether it be musical theatre, tap dancing or singing you can see her true enjoyment shine through.”

A little bit about Kerry: 
Kerry Searle is a Registered Psychologist who works as a mental health clinician in the Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District (ISLHD). She previously worked in a Youth Mental Health role which encompassed prevention and early intervention for emerging mental health problems in young people between the ages of 14 and 24 years and universal mental health promotion activities.
Our team thanks you for all your efforts. Your contribution to the cause does not go unnoticed!

Kind Regards
Ally Kelly
Chief Executive Officer
Mind Blank Ltd