04 Oct 2017 Media Alert: Wardy Walks across Country for Youth Suicide Prevention Share


October 4, 2017

Wardy Walks across Country for Youth Suicide Prevention

Local Melbourne man Michael Ward will be walking from Adelaide to Melbourne with the goal of raising $50, 000 for youth suicide prevention and wellness organisation Mind Blank on the 30th of October, 2017.

Mind Blank is a not-for-profit charity organisation that aims to generate awareness and reduce the risk of youth suicide through innovative education services in schools and communities across Australia.

Ally Kelly, CEO of Mind Blank, says the organisation’s school based program, involving interactive performance programs, both enhance young people’s knowledge around mental health issues and make sure young people know where to seek support.

“Every three hours in Australia someone takes their life by way of suicide, and 15 more 12-17 year olds make an attempt … only one out of three of those young people affected with mental health and emotional problems will utilise mental health services”, she said.

“Too often we are finding that we receive urgent calls to run events to support young people in community areas after a tragedy has hit. This is a time when a town or community is active in wanting to make future plans to support their young people.

Michael’s donation will go a long way to help us sustain our efforts in the mental health sector. His financial contributions will help us approach new geographic partnerships to help us take an early intervention approach to health promotion and integrate our services as a preventative matter.”

Mr. Ward says the fundraising walk of 723 kilometers is close to his heart because of his own personal experience of losing his brother at the age of 21 to suicide in 2005.

“Suicide is something we don’t associate with kids,” he said.

“If I could somehow prevent one young person attempting suicide then the walk will be worth it.”

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