27 May 2016 RECHARGE Illawarra & South Coast YOUTH SERVICES SEMINAR

rechargeThis seminar provides a network and training opportunity directed by needs of frontline workers in local youth and community services fields.

Seminar Aims

- To provide training to support workers to participate in their communities of practice and opportunity to work together and network with Government and non-Government agencies providing services to youth.
- To enhance communities social infrastructure through extensions of networks that enhance the services provided to the clients and to reflect real partnerships working at a local level.
- To provide training and identify partnership opportunities with services that target Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth and culturally and Linguistically Diverse youth communities.
- To provide an opportunity to discuss new ideas, share resources and to become inspired and energised in the work.
- To provide an opportunity to work together on contemporary practice issues to develop a common understanding and expand strategies to address issues identified.
- To deliver training to staff that responds to the changing needs and issues in the field of youth work.