28 Nov 2014 Gareth Ward Presents the Inaugural Kiama Youth Mental Health Forum

whats on at the pavilion kiama fullwidthEach year student leaders forum in the NSW Parliament which brings together the captains and student council representatives from schools across the Kiama electorate. Students are given the opportunity to tour the NSW Parliament, as well as to meet directly with Ministers in the NSW Government including the Premier about issues of concern to them. A list of priority issues is identified as a result of these discussions and through  a 'youth issues' survey.

The number one issue identified by student leaders in both the survey and in the discussions, by a wide margin, was the need to address mental health issues in our community as well as make information and resources available to sufferers, particularly young people.

Students expressed strong interest in holding a forum about this issue and as their local member, and I was pleased to respond to their request.

The day will involve various workshops and presentations from organisations including Headspace and Mindblank as well as individuals who have lived experiences with mental health challenges. The event is expected to attract roughly 50-60 high school student leaders from across the Kiama electorate.

I am pleased to advise that students will receive presentations from the following mental health professionals:

·         The Hon. Jai Rowell MP, Minister for Mental Health

·         Ms Elizabeth Goh, Founder of OUTLOUD Australia

·         Ms Ally Kelly, MINDBLANK mental health theatre workshop

·         Ms Bernita Spriess, a local mental health advocate

·         Clementina Velasco, HEADSPACE Wollongong

·         Nick Guggisberg, Manager Community and Cultural Development Kiama Council

·         Andrew Chatfield, Senior Youth Worker, Kiama Council

 Image Sourced: https://thepavilionkiama.com.au/whats-on-kiama/