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Ally Kelly is the CEO & Founder of Mind Blank a health promotion charity. Her business aims to reduce the risk of suicide through interactive theatre in schools and communities.

Ally’s story was triggered from being a carer for a parent who has been suicidal many times.  She has led the charity through eight years of service; leading award winning programs directly impacting over 30,000 young Australia’s.

Ally believes that primary prevention offers the greatest hope for intervention recovery and takes every opportunity to educate the community to equip themselves to know how to help in a time of need.

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CEO Speaking Opportunities 

Ally is a passionate motivational speaker. She is touched by the importance of emotional health and well-being through her own lived experience with suicide ideation. Her first memory of mental health in the family was from the age of 6, when she became a carer for my mother who has been suicidal several times in her life. Now Ally invests her energy in empowering the community to embrace mental health and wellness practice. As a CEO in the social services she is available for speaking opportunities.

Her appearance as a keynote at your conference or corporate event will be highly engaging and inspirational. Ally is a huge mental health advocate and her energy is contagious!

Mental Health Speaker

Ally is an experienced mental health speaker. You will need to consider a min of 30days prior to an event to allow for a best case scenario for scheduled availability. Travel cost may apply for areas outside of Brisbane Qld.

Some examples of clients are listed below: 


Keynote presentations are on the following topics:
  1. Founders Journey – Being a Multicultural Young Female CEO
    At age 22 Ally shared her dream of creating a charitable organisation for the first time with an old friend of the family. 8 years on and the Mind Blank program has been successful in running over 100 workshops directly impacting over 30,000 young Australians. Her tenacious spirit held on to a whirlwind of a roller-coaster rides championing for community suicide prevention.   Ally’s journey is inspirational. She will share grassroots lessons, and tips on how to build a sustainable empire.

  2. How to Cope With a Mental Illness in the Family
    Ally Kelly knows first hand what it’s like to live with someone who is mentally ill. The role of the carer is vitally important to ones recovery journey. This is why it will be important to support yourself through the uttermost care and create a support network around you. Ally will draw on her years of experience caring for her mother and working in a health promotion charity and share some proven effective methods to hand in there.

  3. Raising Awareness about Mental and Emotional Health in Teenagers
    Supporting someone in a time of need can be daunting at times. This presentation is designed to echo the content from Mind Blank programs and it is designed specifically for parents and careers of young people. It emphasis’ what are some suicide prevention tactics for young people, what are the signs and symptoms of mental ill health, and what are some of the pathways to support someone in a time of need? The content of this presentation was designed by Deb Banks Counsellor and Psychotherapist Clean Slate Counselling.

  4. Leading the New Generation
    This presentation is for all the parents, carers, aunties, uncles, friends and colleagues who may be carers for young people. Ally will provide some insight, observations, lessons learnt, and shared journeys over the years working with young people on the frontline of a health promotion charity. Topics covered will include: why it’s so hard for young people to ask for help, insight into what it’s like to live with depression and be haunted by anxiety. Sometimes the adult brain can forget what it’s like to be a teenager. Topics covered in this session will help bridge the gap between ageism.

  5. Sustainable Community Development - Health Promotional and the Arts
    Having a firm understanding of the Arts, Health and Education Sector in Australia Ally shares her knowledge in creating sustainable community development opportunities in the local community. Ally will draw on her experience with stakeholder partnerships working with local councils, Statewide health bodies and working alongside Federal Government initiatives. Extensive research in the Arts and Health sector is emerging from overseas advancements. Ally will share with the audience how she plans to leverage off the preexisting frameworks and lead a way to create an ongoing legacy here in Australia. 

  6. Young Workers and Mental Health
    Laws and legislation's about WH&S are changing. Ally shares some insights on how mental health is being introduce as an industry hazard and share how no sector is immune to the changing laws. The Mind Blank team provide a voice for young workers. This workshop helps workplace leaders brainstorm prevention strategies to directly address proactive mental health support in their work environment.

  7. Finding Your Purpose
    Ally is passionate about sharing her personal with young people. She is constantly excitement about the opportunely to inspire and uplift them in finding their purpose and owning their why. Ally has found that sharing her personal entrepreneurial stories has a chance to empower other young people. She loves the opportunity to help others own their lives by encouraging self-care tactics and provoking self-love in the relationship they have with themselves.




As the CEO and Founder of Mind Blank, Ally Kelly is familiar with developing interagency partnerships and seeking out program funding to assist young people in the community. She has worked in alliances with various government-funded agencies such as: Youth Off the Streets, Going Viral NSW, PCYC and many more. Partnership collaborations sustained often for a 12month period to up to 5years depending on funding and other organisation agendas.

She has been on the forefront to design and run creative arts programs for young people and community from all walks of life e.g. Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander youths, new arrival refugee youths, at-risk youths, students from the social justice system.

100% of fees generated from Art and Health Sector Consultation and speaking engagements are donated to Mind Blank Ltd.

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Art and Health Sector Consultant & Keynote Speaker

Ally Kelly CEO & Founder Mind Blank has been coined as the “Humanitarian Diva” due to her advocacy as an Art and Health Sector. She is available to Freelance as an Arts Manager and Consultant for creative projects that align with her personal values. Examples of areas that she can assist with community engagement are listed below.