Anxiety and Stress are Common Issues Experienced by Young People

At Mind Blank we understand that too much stress can have significant effects, including headaches, anxiety, loss of appetite and difficulty sleeping. You may also be feeling restless, finding it difficult either to relax or to concentrate. Or you may be feeling very disorganised - with a sense that you and your life are in danger of getting out of control (Reference)

If you are feeling very stressed it's important to talk to someone and get help if necessary.


 A Personal Story

“During my mid-year exams I remember would wake up every morning feeling very ill. I had headaches and nausea to the point of vomiting. I attended my mid-year exam but I couldn’t focus, so I got up and walked out only fifteen minutes into the exam. When I got home I pulled out all of my text books and cried. I tried to study but my body wouldn’t stop shaking. I didn’t want to tell my parents any of it because I was afraid they would think of me as a failure. 

"I couldn’t control it anymore. I regret not speaking to anybody at school about my anxiety. I let it take over. Once I realised that it actually happens to heaps of kids I was able to talk to my teacher and they could help me. I feel kind of silly about working myself so hard."

 15, NSW

 How We Help

Anxiety and stress are common issues experienced by young people. Through our Forum Theatre pieces, Mind Blank helps young people recognise their own stress symptoms, to be able to help themselves and friends in times of need. Our team works in a holistic way to explore the pressures of change, and to promote a better understanding of mental health issues.

For this topic we have two performance options. The first option addresses the anxiety that students may experience as they transition from Primary School to High School. The second identifies warning signs of mental health issues such as anxiety, and provides positive strategies to deal with the pressures of everyday life, including exam time.


Program Evaluations: 

Our programs are evidence based practice, we work in parallel with health professionals and researchers to develop our scripts and approach. 



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If You Need Immediate Help

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