Mental Health in the Work Place

Did you know? Mental illness costs our economy approximately $11 billion per year. Source: PwC 2014, Beyond Blue


Mind Blank has some programs which address the topic of “Mental Health the Work Place.”   

This script explores what creates Mental Health in the work place. It empowers audience members to question what they can do to support their own wellbeing and what they can do to be proactive about creating positive cultures in their own work environment. 

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Program Outcomes:

- Raise awareness of mental health help seeking pathways within a work place setting
- Empowers audiance to be proactive about taking self-care action steps to help maintain their own mental health and wellbeing.
- Address employers responsibilities to their staff 
- Discuss what are the compliance risks associated to a poor workplace


Here are some reviews we have received from the program so far: 

University of New South Wales: 

“Mind Blank yesterday was really good  - quite thought provoking.”

“I loved the play on Wednesday lunchtime- great idea to use theatre around workplace issues.”


Kiama Youth Services: 

“I personally was very satisfied with the team and thought the performance was amazing, insightful, thought provoking, interactive and inclusive.”

“I’m very happy the team. They were very professional, engaging and very committed to their craft… I think everyone that was in attendance at the conference was very impressed.   

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