Mind Blank at University

Vulkovic (2017) Reports “One in three higher education students think about suicide or self-harm”. In Australia anxiety levels at TAFE and University are on an Increase.

MB Uni

Mind Blank is a not-for-profit organisation that generates awareness of mental health concerns in youth across Australia by using interactive theatre pieces and, engaging youth in a fresh and unique way. We support awareness and education using theatre as a medium to discuss mental health topics in a safe, informative and entertaining manner. Audience members will walk away from a Mind Blank experience with an understanding of the symptoms of a specific mental health issue, positive help-seeking strategies and methods to prevent harm during a time of need.

The Mind Blank University Show aims to:
- provide scenarios to help students handlystress better.
- to educate young people about common mental health issues and the supports systems available.
- demonstrate practical self-help tips to reduce stress levels, promote resilience building and aims to reduce the risk of suicide. 

Universities we have visited so far: 
- University of NSW
- Sydney University 
- Wollongong University 
- University of Canberra