Mind Blank Cultural Collaborations

At Mind Blank we are all inclusive when it comes to being creatively committed to mental health education.  We are mindful that we all have our own stories to tell and we focus on mimicking the realities of our stories to help portray our messages with true integrity. 

Our method of delivery is a flexible model that can be adapted depending on the audience we are preforming to, and the geographically area we are hosting in.  In order to address the needs of each session our performers adapt small changes in our scripts, to help add relevant local contextual data and key information. 

This method has helped us create a tailored program addressed at working alongside CALD Youths. 

Claire use this to advertise Holryod High


Our team have worked with CALD youth from the following institutions:

- Holroyd High School English Intensive Centre 

- Warrawong High English Intensive Centre 

- Granville High school

- Granville Tafe

- Kiera High School 

- Wollongong Performing Arts High School

- Five Islands Secondary College

We have also been successful in using the same techniques to adapt our show content to work along side TEAMheath, whom are supporting a two week two to the Northern Territory to work in schools in the Darwin and Palmerston areas in March 2017. This collaboration together has assisted Mind Blank in providing culturally appropriate and engaging mental health activities to many Aboriginal youths across the top end of Australia.  

Collaborated Partnerships we are working with/have worked with before: 
Woodville Alliance 
Strategic Community Assistance to Refugee Families (SCARF) 
Illawarra Muliticulral Services (IMS)
Navitas English Illawarra
Multicultural Communities Council of Illawarra (MCCI) 
NSW Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors (STARTTS) 

Want to hear more about what program we have in this space: 
Contact our team through http://www.mindblank.org.au/bookings