Mind Blank for Schools

The SCUBA Initiative is a program that tours to high schools. The audience is shown a “worse-case” mental health scenario from start to finish. Then the cast of the show replay certain scenes, taking suggestions from the audience as to how the conflicts could be better resolved. This project aims to increase the number of individuals seeking help regarding their emotional and social wellbeing and increase the identification, referral and treatment of at-risk individuals by service systems and professionals.



Current Production Themes: 

- Depression Awareness and Suicide Prevention 

- Transition to High School/Uni (anxiety and adapting to change) 

- Self Care & Exam Stress 

- Transition to the Workplace 

- Cyber-Bullying 

- Hepatitis C Education 

*additional changes may apply to script content outside these listed topics 


So far our team has hosted more than 100 forum theatre events to over 20,000 young Australians.  

We currently have an active team of actors in Sydney and Canberra. One third of our work is generated from other states and territories, including rural Australian communities. If you are interested in hosting a program in your school, do not hesitate to reach out to our team through https://www.mindblank.org.au/bookings. If funding may be a restriction to your school we recommend that you send an expression of interests to our team through this link https://www.mindblank.org.au/contact-us