Workplace Mental Health In Australia


The direct financial cost of mental illness to Australia businesses is approx. $13 billion.  Cost effectiveness of a community-based crisis intervention efforts can save lives. Promoting a positive workplace culture can increase individual’s chances of seeking help and support when it comes to their mental and emotional health. 

Want to create a good workplace mental health culture. Ask us how?

Our Solution:

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Mind Blank’s mission is to reduce the risk of suicide through interactive performances in schools, workplaces, and communities.  In 2020 we are collaborating with The Zen Zone to pioneer a program package to equip workplaces with the skills in knowing how to support individuals in times of need. As well as implement practical examples and exercises to bring a sense of wellbeing into an individual’s daily routines. 

Mental health and wellness in the workplace starts by focusing on the causes and the reasons for the prevalence of workplace stress. Are there areas in your business where the mental health could be at risk? A good proactive strategy will put into place opportunities for staff to recognise early warning signs, where the employer will provide treatment, support, and recovery within the workplace setting.


Our Program Package Includes:

- Increased knowledge of the value of self-care application
- How to promote a speak-up culture
- Understanding of pathways to seek help to encourage emotional and mental wellness
- Improved communication skills
- Reduced stress through movement activities

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Want to Create Good Workplace Mental Health in Australia? Ask us How?