Early Childhood Mental Health Programs In Schools

Here at Mind Blank we us evidence informed primary prevention foundations to shape our mental health programs in schools. This is an early intervention approach. Our programs are tailored from the latest research and best practice guidelines. We create a safe and no-threatening environment to learn about mental health education.

As an organisation we aim to reduce the risk of suicide through interactive theatre targeting schools and the community. We focus on the early intervention side of suicide prevention. An example of best practice in this space indicates that education about mental health risk factors and stigma reduction can help individuals seek help when needed (National Headspace, 2016). 

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Mental Health In Australian Schools

In this day and age mental health issues are on the rise. Australian Bureau of Statistics (2017) data released information indicating that a total of 24 children under 14 died by suicide in 2017. With shocking statistics like these’s, there is a need to improve our responses to the issue at hand! Mental health in Australian schools is on an increase. Through community market research it is noted that mental health issues in primary schools requires more attention. This is why our team are proactive in equipping the next generation of young Australian's with skill to build their resilience and coping strategies to know what to do in a time of need.

Data from a National Headspace study (2016) shows that 52 per cent of young people who have identified as suffering from mental and emotional ill health over the last 12months are too embarrassed to share their problems with anyone. Mind Blanks goal is to put children’s mental health and social and emotional wellbeing on the agenda. We aim to work alongside the teachers and parents to support children’s mental health.

By focusing on prevention and early intervention angles our programs end up creating:
- a fun learning experience for children
- greater mental health understanding
- development of new skills
- increased help seeking at school

Find out how our mental health messages apply in a multicultural Australia context

Our program will work best when: 

Effectiveness Tip 1. The school community are proactive about applying a debrief process that supports individuals and reaffirm program intentions

To support the above action Mind Blank has created tools and resources for parents and teachers.  We want to make sure that all parties are informed with knowing what to do in a time of need. To get started on this mission here is a quick link of information that could be useful to a parent or guardian supporting a young person in a time of need. Click here. 

Mind Blank’s Approach to Mental Health Education

Our programs aim to 1. help identity signs and symptoms of mental health and 2. encourage help seeking. Such outcomes are in line with National Mental Health Education priorities such as better awareness, prevention and early intervention practice. Our work is constantly reviewed as we seek best practice outcomes based of the latest research.

How do our programs work?
 Showcase a story of lived experience with mental ill health.
 Alongside service providers we create theatre-based performances with audience interaction
 20min show with 20min interactive decisions.
 Featuring artists to perform the story.
 Performance topics include; depression, anxiety or a custom script that can address specific needs of the school community.

Effectiveness Tip 2: Make sure to read the terms of the agreement prior to signing the form.

Effectiveness Tip 3: Our programs work best when all stakeholders are proactive. We highly advice that the welfare team are present on the day of an event.

Effectiveness Tip 4: Something to be mindful of, is that for larger audiences microphones required as a WP&S precaution for our team.


Affiliated Organisations:

Australian Drug and Alcohol Foundation, Uniting Burnside, Rural Adversity Mental Health Program, National Disability Coordination Officer Program – University of Western Sydney, TeamHEALTH and many more.

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Linking with curriculum:

We encourage young people to use the support and resources they have in school as an important positive help seeking pathway. Our primary school program is inline with curriculum that supports pastoral care, behaviour management, student welfare, student safety and student well-being.

Our work is also designed and works in line with the following structures: KidsMatters, A National Framework for Health Promoting Schools, National Mental Health Commission, State Based Suicide Prevention Action Plans, National Safe Schools Framework,National Framework for Values Education in Australian Schools.

For more information on health programs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youths.


Award Winning  Programs:

Mind Blank programs are award winning! Most recently we won the 2017 Mental Health Matters Award for Mental Health Promotion. This award is coordinated by WayAhead Mental Health Association NSW in collaboration with the NSW Mental Health Commission. For this award our program was recognised for outstanding work and excellence service of health promotion in the sector. To read more about it, click here. 



Feedback from Teachers

“The actors were excellent in interacting with the students we have at our school. The show was the best I’ve seen in my 3 years at school… The topics covered were age appropriate and addressed the social skills we need in our area. Well done to everyone!! The children talked about the actors long after they had left. Their presence made a big impact on our students.”


Feedback from the Children  

“It helped me learn about feelings and helps me know I can ask for help”                                 

“I enjoyed the play, it was not only fun, but it made awareness around mental health.”

Wanniassa School

Mind Blank designs engaging mental health programs in schools

Why work with us?

The Mind Blank team has hosted over 100 workshops all over Australia. We have run our programs directly impacting over 2500 young people. What you can expect is a reliable program designed to meet the specific needs of the age group and school community. The script content is devised based on real stories, and it allows the audience to revisits the play to actively intervention in the drama. This method aims to empowered spectators to create the possibility for change and break down real-life situations.

We’re proudly one of Australia’s mental health charities. Delivering mental health programs in schools is an utter most priority in epuiping the next generation with skills and abilities to reach out for support in a time of need.

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