Mind Blank for Schools

Mind Blank for Schools is an evidence informed primary prevention program, that is to designed risk of suicide through interactive theatre in schools and communities. This is a suicide prevention approach. 

We include young people through interactive theatre to empower them to be proactive about reducing the risk of youth suicide.


How does Mind Blank for Schools work?

The audience is shown a “worse-case” mental health scenario from start to finish. Then the cast of the show replay certain scenes, taking suggestions from the audience as to how the conflicts could be better resolved.

The cast demonstrates to the audience where and how to seek for help regarding their emotional and social wellbeing, ensuring that the support channels are at the front of mind of every young person in the room.

This project aims to increase the number of individuals seeking help regarding their emotional and social wellbeing and increase the identification, referral and treatment of at-risk individuals by service systems and professionals.


Program Overview

- Alongside service providers, we create theatre-based performances with audience interaction

- The performance features 3-4x professional youth actors, with audience sizes up to 200

- A lived experience story is showcased by our actors, captivating the young audience with the genuine reality of the story.

- The duration of each session is 1 hour (45 min of forum discussion and interaction, 15 min for questions)

- Performance topics include; Depression, Anxiety or a custom script that can address specific needs of the school community.


Linking with curriculum

Mind Blank’s work is in line with the PDHPE school curriculum.  Our programs complement existing health and pastoral care units. We encourage young people to use the support and resources they have in school as an important positive help seeking pathway. 


Information for Parents and Teachers

This information is targeted for all the parents, carers, aunties, uncles, friends and colleagues who may be carers for young people. It is also targeted for the schools and teachers enquiring about more information around Mind Blank’s methodology of practice. Click here


 Production Themes: 

- Depression Awareness and Suicide Prevention 

- Self Care & Exam Stress 

- Transition to the Workplace 

- Cyber-Bullying 

*additional changes may apply to script content outside these listed topics 


 To host a program in your school, we charge a rate of $1,500.00 for one show, then $500 for each subsequent performances (on the same day). Your generous purchase will fund the fees of our actors, cover some travel expenses and enable the team at Mind Blank to continue to spread the word about youth suicide prevention, across Australia.  

*For service areas outside of our team areas, additional travel costs may apply. A day rate may apply to Regional and Country areas requiring over night accommodation options. 


Get on board

If you are interested in hosting a program in your school, do not hesitate to reach out to our team through our bookings page. If funding may be a restriction to your school we recommend that you send an expression of interests to our team through our contacts page.


Program Evaluations

Our programs are evidence based practice, we work in parallel with health professionals and researchers to develop our scripts and approach. 



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