Mind Blank

We are a unique community-driven response to national mental health priorities.
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Mental Health Workshop - Burnout

Does you struggle to talk openly about mental health in your workplace? Do you find your workplace is tired, fatigued, and feeling a little overworked? Your workplace is surviving in this uncertain world, however, progress feels stagnant as uncertain times tend to dominate conversations?

Mind Blank could be the experience you’ve been looking for!

Did you know:

Program Description

Mind Blank programs will support to an overwhlemed workforce. We help businesses by running workshops to get staff to look putting mental health prevention tactics and action steps into play.  Staff will be guided through the application of a mental health resilience tool kit. This will equip them for long-term endurance and stamina during uncertain times.

What you receive:

  • Training session length. 1.5 hour - 3 hour sessions.
  • Tools and templates to support resilience-building strategies.
  • Checklist supports to assess their personal resilience strategies.
  • Video case study and workbook activities to continue to self-educate how to understand the evidence behind the investment of early intervention strategies.

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February 20, 2021
Mental Health Role Play

What we do is we visit workplaces and host our specially-designed interactive workshops, which tackle important topics such as anxiety pressures from COVID-19, increased workloads, remote working, juggling work life balance- partners and families, and suicide prevention. Through role-play techniques, we reinforcing messages to learn about how to help someone whose mental health is struggling in a time of need.

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