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Primary School Workshop - Anxiety

Does your school or community group struggle to talk openly about mental health? Are you looking for a unique way to kickstart the discussion? Mind Blank could be the experience you’ve been looking for!

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Program Description

Mind Blank uses theatre to as a mental health promotional tool.  Our specially-designed award winning interactive show helps young people to identify signs and symptoms of mental health and help-seeking support.

We visit your school and perform our specially-designed interactive show. The story showcases a lived experience with mental ill-health, and asks students to consider what they would do in each scenario.

Our programs are evidence based practice, more information about our program evaluations can be found via this link.

Anxiety Awareness

"Anxiety disorders are as prevalent in primary school children as they are in adolescents, affecting 6.9 per cent of children, with almost no difference between genders".

The Story of Chelsea Anxiety & Exam Stress - Online or Face-to-Face Workshop

This forum follows Chelsea. This year Chelsea is dealing with change due to the whirlwinds that COVID-19 has brought. She has decided to try to control the world around her so she ends up taking school seriously and so she starts to study really hard. By the end of the play, students will be asked to brainstorm several strategies to deal with the pressures of homework. This story will also help students to identify some early warning signs to detect undiagnosed anxiety in the characters on stage.

Key program themes

- Dealing with change

- Exam planning

-  Mental Health Help-seeking

- Self-care

- Time management

For More Information:

June 9, 2020
Children's Education Programs

Does your primary school struggle with the need to talk openly about mental health? Are you unsure how to introduce the topic with out overwhelming your children? Mind Blank could be the experience you’ve been looking for!

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