Results from Mooroolbark Community Summit (2017)


Youth Mental Health Summit’s aims to provide young people with the skills to identify mental health issues, the knowledge of the resources available and to assist in ultimately removing the negative stigma attached to the issue.

All students engage and identified with Mental Health and Resilience based workshops offered by local service providers. Including Mind Blank, below are some of the collated results. When the students were asked if they enjoyed the Mind Blank presentation they responded with the data below.


Data collected was sourced from Yarra Valley Council post event survey. Both students and teachers were asked question about the Youth Mental Health Summit and were asked to provide feedback on the Mind Blank presentation.

  • 100% teacher enjoyed performance
  • >98% of students said they liked or really liked the Mind Blank performance
  • When asked: Was our “End Message” clear and defined that there is help and support available? Yarra Ranges Council replied: The student feedback evidenced stated that the message was heard clearly. 
  • The “feedback on the Mind Blank performance for the 2017 Youth Summit was extraordinary… As noted by a teaching staff member in their following testimonial. 'Mind Blank were brilliant”.  Look forward to working with you in the future”