Results from Northern Territory (2017)

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An evaluation took place assessing the outcomes of Mind Blank’s tour to the Northern Territory. Our program delivered on tour used a forum theatre designed workshop to promote depression awareness, mental health help seeking and suicide prevention education.  Cultural alterations were required to address a range of schools from urban, rural and remote communities across Top End of Australia. Data was collected from two post-test only surveys. A performance feedback form was sent to 1,866 school students and a customer feedback form sent to 27 teachers. The model was considered appropriate in supporting both students and school staff in this important area of work. Extremely positive responses were collected from both surveys. The data indicated that the program was successful in delivering a culturally adaptable model in an engaging and informative manner.  In continuing the program more valid research methods are required to strive for stronger foundations of evidence based practices.



“The actors were excellent in interacting with the students we have at our school. The show was the best I’ve seen in my 3 years at schools in the N.T. The topics covered were age appropriate and addressed the social skills we need at our school. Well done to everyone!! The students talked about the actors long after they had left. Their presence made a big impact on our students.” 


When asked if the end message of the program was clear, another school commented:

“I asked some of my students what they got out of the performance and that is exactly what they said- there’s always someone to help- you just have to ask. You have to communicate if you want people to know how you feel and to help you.”