Speaking Opportunities



Ally is a passionate motivational speaker. She is touched by the importance of emotional health and wellbeing through her own lived experience. Her first memory of mental health in the family was from the age of 6, when she became a carer for my mother who has been suicidal several times in her life. Now Ally invests her energy in empowering the community to embrace mental health and wellness practice. She encourages others to use self-care tactics to become part of their every day routine.

Her appearance at your conference or corporate event will be highly engaging and inspirational. Ally is a huge mental health advocate and her energy is contagious.

Topics that she can speak on are:

Engaging a new generation                                                                                     
Creative career progression 
Living your passion 
Building a grassroots charity
Managing with a people first focus 
Following your true purpose                                                                                  
Leading with mindfulness                                                                              
Managing Mental Health in your workplace                        
Perspective of lived experience: What it’s really like to live with Depression
Young People Living with Anxiety: Help! I don’t know how to stop it!
Asking for help. Why is it so hard?                                                                
What it’s like to live with someone who is mentally ill                                
The role of the carer. Why it’s important to support yourself first
Relapse. How it happens and why? 

Target Audiences:  

- Do you work with young people? 

- Are you a concerned Parent, Carer, Auntie, Uncle, Friend or   Colleague who may be a carer for young people?

- Are you part of a Business Network? 

- Do you work for a Community Service Provider that is looking for a guest speaker at your event?  

- Are you tired of the same presentation format?  Are looking for a creative and engaging element at your next event?

-  Are you looking to host a Leadership & Professional Development workshop?

Client list:
- Elevate(Young Leaders Forum). - University of Wollongong
- RYLA - Rotary Youth Leadership Awards
- Australian Psychological Society (APS)
Mental Health Professionals' Network
-Presenter Wesley LifeForce Networks Infomation Day(Representing Wollongong SPAN Network)
- Key Note Speaker Student for Student National Leadership Conference University of Wollongong
- Presenter for the Western Sydney Suicide Prevention and Support Network The Forum is auspiced by the Blue Mountains Mental Health Shared Care Committee
- Alesco Senior College State Conference
- Lead Conference Catholic Education Office
- Public Sector Executive Assistant Congress
- National Suicide Prevention Conference 
- UOWx Professional Development Workshop Presenter
- Mental Health Week Panel @ University of Queensland 

For more information enquire through info@mindblank.org.au or 0468912399