Student Wellbeing Boost

Every school in Australia will receive federal government funding to put towards student wellbeing.
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The federal government announced $203.7 million in funding initiatives to help schools and students bounce back from the disruptions caused by COVID.

The past two years have been hard for all Australians. But our kids have suffered a unique loss. They’ve been robbed of some of the simple joys of growing up – school camps, team sports, playground friendships and sleepovers.

The government says its plan will help make sure “every kid can get back on track and benefit from a world class education.”
How much will schools get?
Schools will receive $20,000 on average. The exact amount is expected to vary depending on the school population and possibly other factors. It’s a one-off funding boost.
When will schools get their Student Wellbeing Boost?
We don’t know exactly when schools will receive their funding. We will update you as soon as the Australian Government makes an announcement.
How can you use the Student Wellbeing Boost?
The Student Wellbeing Boost can be used for student wellbeing and mental health initiatives, according to the Australian Government’s budget review. The aim of the boost is to address impacts on student wellbeing caused by disruptions to school due to COVID.
The announcement from Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s office said: “Schools will get a big say in how they use the extra money to best help their kids, with funding able to be used for: Extra school mental health professionals like psychologists and school counsellors, camps, excursions, as well as sporting and social activities that improve kids’ wellbeing.”
The benefits of Mind Blank Programs include:

- Boosting student wellbeing across the whole school community.
- Using creative arts based methods to build relationships across peer groups and cohorts.
- Leveraging an approach to mental health that is universal, preventative, and holistic.
- Empowering students to take personal responsibility.
- Equipping students with the skills and tools to manage life’s ups and downs and help prevent mental health difficulties.
- Embedding a culture of connectedness and accountability into your school.
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