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Pushpa Vaghela

Pushpa’s presents a broad diverse range of experiences from her colourful career as a Accountant, Tax Auditor and Clinical Neuro Practitioner, in her businesses, and participation in many community projects.

Pushpa is an internationally recognised expert in developing Leaders, Author and Executive coach in the areas of Transformational Leadership, Business Success and Holistic Cultural Change. She has helped Leaders worldwide from all walks of life and professions, before and during the Crisis, to strengthening their Leadership capacities leading to outstanding outcomes.

Pushpa is the Founder & CEO for Women's Mentoring Foundation charity and is dedicated to serving others. She believes that a leader is most effective when they understand how to blend vision and courage with humility and compassion. Throughout her journey , many highs, and lows, she relates to people’s life events with a deeper understanding and wealth of wisdom.

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