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                Who is Wardy? What is his story?

We Need Your Help!

Step one: Register for the campaign. https://www.mindblank.org.au/walk-with-wardy-registration-form/. Upon registration we want you to set a team target. E.g. aim to help ‘clock’ a 50km target. Note: individuals can also register.

Step two: We would like you reach out to people in your community and ask them if they would be part of your team to help “clock” some kms.

Step three: By “clocking” the kms we want local supporters to reach out to get sponsorship and physically do the KMs anyway they can. E.g. A sponsorship target can be an estimate of $5.00 per km. Ideas on “clocking” the kms: gym bike, treadmill, dog walking. No method is wrong. You simply need to aim to enjoy the process and get sponsored to do it.

Step four: Bringing it home. Once you have completed your km efforts log into the https://www.mycause.com.au/page/176658/walk-with-wardy to complete the fundraising process.

Funds raised for the Walk with Wardy campaign will go towards focus on new programs, current program delivery and  ongoing operational support to help reduce the risk of suicide, an issue that young Australians are facing.

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