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Child & Youth Service Support

This page will take you through the following information:
- Why your community service organisation should collaborate in hosting early intervention mental health strategies.
- We will show you an example of our work.
- Then we will run you through the bookings process.

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Why Invest in Early Intervention Mental Health Strategies

· Kids Helpline has reported a spike in calls to counselling services from 5-year-olds (Smith, R. 2021)
· Every 3 hours in Australia more than one person takes their life by way of suicide (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare,2020), and 15 more 12-17year olds make an attempt (Orygen, 2017).

Community Explainer Video
Mind Blank’s Forum Theatre introduces a creative new method of approaching real world problems in a way that promotes audience interaction,realistic tactics and out of the box thinking to better prepare our kids for reality. Approx. 5.36sec.

What programs can we offer?

We host online and face to face events. We visit your service and perform our specially-designed interactive workshops, which tackle important topics surrounding mental ill-health, such as depression and anxiety. We are also able to provide custom scripts for your community’s specific needs.

We have accredited programs designed for both children and young people. Our programs are tailored to support each year group, covering different topics and developmental needs.

Below is a quick explainer video showcasing our workshop model.

What you get:
- A Mind Blank facilitator will come to your school and work with live actors to create role-play scenarios to problem solve key issues related to your needs
- Mental health tool kits and follow up resources
- Crisis card materials

We are not a crisis support service. We are not going to give you another speaker to share a personal story, and we do not offer mental health first aid. What we can offer is education programs that build skills. We guarantee high participant engagement in a fun and non-threatening environment.

This video is approx. 1.5mins in length. Mind Blank meets Patrick McGorry.

There are three team members in a car which is a stage prop at a high school
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Below are some testimonials from school teachers, young people, mental health service providers, businesses and clients.

A workshop with young people
“You don’t just switch off and  go off in your own little world….you’re actually paying attention to it and yeah, you’re interacting, like it’s not only you’re interacting but you’re learning and you’re finding out about something at the same time, too.”
A school teacher
It was good to have us interact with it as wellbecause I think interaction is a better way to take in information, because you’re giving information that you thinkis correct and getting it confirmed back at you sort of thing”
An adult with a note pad
"As a psychologist with over 15 years’ experience… it is  my opinion that Mind Blank have the potential to open up informed discussions around youth mental health issues in a way that is meaningful, engaging and real for the young people involved, and these are vital ingredients for working effectively with young people."
Service Provider
A man in a suit
“ Mind Blank has an ability to engage young people in a way that I have not seen other services deliver. Our teams have been successful in joining forces. We provide a social worker on tour to support any students through trauma informed care directly after a workshop.”
Service Provider
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