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We empower people to promote mental wellbeing strategies and have conversations that save lives.


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Award-Winning Programs

 Mind Blank offers accredited programs empowering people to manage stress, building well-being and resilience.
We give people vital life skills to help them thrive as their best selves. 

We support the Whole Government approach Towards Zero Suicides, reducing stress on the health care system.

We can support you to facilitate your own early intervention strategies, or provide facilitators who can support the delivery of online or face-to-face workshops. Click on the link below to find out more about our tailored programs.

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How We Help?

After the Covid-19 lockdowns mental health concerns are now more prevalent than ever,making it vital that we create safe environments for our children, family, and friends in Australia’s schools and workplaces.  By utilising hands-on interactive engagement, Mind Blank is revolutionising mental health education. Mind Blankhas over 10 years’ experience and is here to help! 

Video Approx. 2mins in length. This video shares some insights on how Mind Blank can help.

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Our Story

After generations of mental health issues in the family, Ally Kelly, the Founder and Executive Officer of Mind Blank is living proof that there is hope. Those who struggle with their mental health can change their lives for the better. By utilising a range of mediums such as the arts and roleplay, Mind Blank is set to revolutionise mental health education.

Video Approx. 3.17mins in length. This video shares insights on the founder's story.


Below are some testimonials from school teachers, young people, mental health service providers, businesses and clients.

A workshop with young people
“You don’t just switch off and  go off in your own little world….you’re actually paying attention to it and yeah, you’re interacting, like it’s not only you’re interacting but you’re learning and you’re finding out about something at the same time, too.”
A school teacher
(When asked if the end message of the program was clear) “I asked some of my students what they got out of the performance and this is exactly what they said- there’s always someone to help - you just have to ask.  You have to communicate if you want people to know how you feel and to
help you.”
An adult with a note pad
"As a psychologist with over 15 years’ experience… it is  my opinion that Mind Blank have the potential to open up informed discussions around youth mental health issues in a way that is meaningful, engaging and real for the young people involved, and these are vital ingredients for working effectively with young people."
Service Provider
A man in a suit
“We found it an absolutely amazing experience. We had the best feedback, it’s a really warm safe environment, and it was really engaging. It really was a safe place for people to voice their opinions and it helps to contribute to a speak-up culture... I think everyone got a lot out of it”

Why Invest In Mind Blank

Ally Kelly, the founder of Mind Blank explains how the funding of prevention strategies and by extension Mind Blank, helps create better learning and working environments for Australians. We’re looking forward to getting in touch and supporting your community. Approx. 3.18sec

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