The impact of mental health conditions isincreasing worldwide

We empower people to promote mental wellbeing strategies and have conversations that save lives.

Our Story

Ally Kelly CEO Mind Blank opens up to share her history that has inspired the foundations of the charity.  Her story starts at the age of 6 when she became a carer for her mother who has been suicidal several times in her life.

Mind Blank Programs

Mind Blank programs empower people to promote mental wellbeing strategies and have conversations that save lives.

Wecan support you to facilitate your own early intervention strategies or providefacilitators who can support the delivery of online or face-to-face workshops.Click on the link below to find out more about our tailored programs.

School Programs
Workplace Mental Health
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Below are some testimonials from school teachers, young people mental health service providers, businesses, and clients.

“You don’t just switch off and hmm go off in your own little world….but you’re actually paying attention to it and yeah, you’re interacting, like it’s not only you’re interacting but you’re learning and you’re finding out about something at the same time, too.”
“When asked if the end message of the program was clear: “I asked some of my students what they got out of the performance and this is exactly what they said- there’s always someone to help- you just have to ask.  You have to communicate if you want people to know how you feel and to
help you.”
"As a psychologist with over 15 years’ experience… it is in my opinion the Mind Blank have the potential to open upinformed discussions around youth mental health issues in a way that is meaningful, engaging and real for the young people involved, and these arevital ingredients for working effectively with young people."
Service Provider
“We found it an absolutely amazing experience. We had the best feedback, it’s a really warm safe environment, and it was really engaging. It really was safe place for people to voice their opinions and it helps to contribute to a speak-up culture... I think everyone got a lot out of it”
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