First Nations

Mind Blank collaborates with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to co-design culturally appropriate mental health initiatives.

Eight Years Working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities

At Mind Blank, we believe mental health education should be a collaborative effort, rooted in the wisdom and culture of the communities we serve. That’s why we’re proud to partner with First Nations’ leaders to co-design and implement mental health wellbeing programs specifically tailored for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities across Australia.

Mind Blank has co-designed programs in Mornington Island, Grafton, Lajamanu, Yarralin and several other First Nations communities around Australia.

In 2016, Mind Blank began working to bring suicide prevention activities to the Top End of Australia. The Northern Territory collaborative has since expanded to include Darwin, Palmerston, Katherine and rural/remote communities surrounding Kakadu National Park.

Our Commitment to Cultural Respect and Collaboration

Respecting and honouring the cultural values, traditions and experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people is our priority. We understand mental health is connected to cultural identity and community, and we’re committed to preserving and celebrating this.

Our journey with First Nations communities begins by listening. We engage with Elders, community leaders and individuals to understand their specific needs and challenges. Through open dialogue and mutual respect, we co-design programs to reflect the values, beliefs and aspirations of the community.

Culturally Sensitive and Tailored Resources

Educational materials and resources are developed with cultural sensitivity in mind. We ensure every aspect of our programs respects and celebrates the diverse cultures within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. This includes language, symbolism and storytelling that resonate with the community.

It is important to note mental health needs vary across generations. These unique requirements are addressed using targeted resources and age-appropriate activities, discussions and stories.

The Co-design Process with Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Partners

Mind Blank acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders and community members are best placed to determine their community’s needs, incorporate local stories and cultural elements, and deliver programs.

The typical First Nations Community Co-design involves:

  • Consulting with community Elders, leaders and members,
  • Engaging children and youth through storytelling using a local lens,
  • Providing train-the-trainer models to support knowledge sharing, and
  • Collaborating with leaders to ensure future sustainability.

Some of our Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander partners include

Interested in Partnering with Mind Blank?

If you are part of a First Nations community or organisation and would like to collaborate with Mind Blank, or if you’d like to support our initiatives, please reach out. Together, we can create a brighter and more resilient future for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.