We are a unique community-driven response to national mental health priorities.

Our Vision

To build a bright future and support generational wellbeing.


Our Mission

We use a creative and preventative approach to educate people about mental and emotional wellbeing strategies.

Our Values

Creativity, commitment, mindfulness, integrity, community

Why Mind Blank?

Mind Blank was formed in 2011 to provide prevention and early intervention mental health training in schools.

Having been raised in a family with several generations of mental health struggles and alarmed by the ever-increasing mental health crisis, particularly in young people, Ally Kelly founded Mind Blank to “help as many children as possible”.

A professionally trained singer, Ally married her love of the theatre and creative arts with her passion for delivering positive mental health messages, education and awareness.

Mind Blank programs use storytelling and entertainment to teach people how to maintain their mental health, recognise warning signs of trouble and get comfortable having tough conversations.


Ally’s Story

Founder and CEO, Ally Kelly

As a child, Ally Kelly missed a lot of school. Why? Her mother was frequently suicidal, and Ally stayed home to look after her.

Ally founded Mind Blank because she believes “no one has to suffer in silence”. She also knows that individuals, such as herself, who have first-hand experience with trauma and PTSD are at higher risk of ongoing mental health struggles and suicide.

I believe prevention offers the greatest hope for intervention and recovery. I’m committed to taking every opportunity to educate the community to recognise the early signs of mental illness. Too often people wait too long to ask for help because of the perceived stigma.

Ally’s commitment to mental health awareness is unwavering. She embodies the Mind Blank vision daily by teaching wellbeing strategies and reiterating to program participants that no one has to face mental health challenges alone.

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