An interview with Damon McDonald

Introducing The 100 Stories Campaign

We want to publish 100 stories as a knowledge exchange to help shift the mood!

Why are we doing it? Due to covid many have been feeling down, trapped, and running on empty. Working with schools during the pandemic has been devastating to see children and young people’s mental health being hit hard!

We WANT to send out messages of hope. We will share our skills and knowledge to help support conversations to know what to do in a time of need as we all prepare for resilience through out the year.

Why are we doing it? Due to covid many have felt their mental health being hit hard!

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Who is Damon McDondald?

Growing up, I knew I didn’t fit the mold that life was putting me into. As a seven-year-old watching the stories in adventure travel shows I knew then, deep down, that I wanted to live the life of a Creative Adventurer.

In my twenties I jumped on my motorbike and left the city life, a life that had me trying to fit the mold of expectation. What was supposed to be a three-month break turned into a six-year two wheeled odyssey, listening to the stories of others while creating my own.

At aged 33, I did a stint at university learning documentary film. Again, following the path of stories, learning to understand the power of the story. This is where I also learnt of Joseph Campbell, the comparative mythologist and ultimate teller of the power of the stories behind the stories, the myths, dreams and legends from long ago that shape who we are today.

Damon’s on a mission to empower kids to grow into confident adults. Through Iam Awesome TV he is giving the next generations some tools to turn dreams into realities. One of the goal with this book series is to raise $1 million for kids charities all over the world!

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