High School Workshop - Cyberbullying

Does your school or community group struggle to talk openly about mental health? Are you looking for a unique way to kick start the discussion? Mind Blank could be the experience you’ve been looking for!

Program Description

Mind Blank uses theatre to as a mental health promotional tool.  Our specially-designed award winning interactive show helps young people to identify signs and symptoms of mental health and help-seeking support.

We visit your school and perform our specially-designed interactive show. The story showcases a lived experience with mental ill-health, and asks students to consider what they would do in each scenario.

Our programs are evidence based practice, more information about our program evaluations can be found via this link.

Cyberbullying Prevention

Online or Face-to-Face Workshop's

Bec is a typical teenager, but one day her life turns upside down. It all starts when she leaves her phone in the bathroom. A photo was taken on it and then it is distributed to her contacts without her knowledge. Due to this incident Bec becomes a victim of cyberbullying. This workshop will explore the theme to show young people how to support someone who may be targeted online.

Key Program Themes

  • Online safety
  • Respectful relationships with peers
  • Help seeking
  • Signs of cyberbullying
  • Bystander support

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