High School Workshop - Depression Awareness Suicide Prevention

Does your school or community group struggle to talk openly about mental health? Are you looking for a unique way to kickstart the discussion? Mind Blank could be the experience you’ve been looking for!

Program Description

Mind Blank uses theatre to as a mental health promotional tool.  Our specially-designed award winning interactive show helps young people to identify signs and symptoms of mental health and help-seeking support.

We visit your school and perform our specially-designed interactive show. The story showcases a lived experience with mental ill-health, and asks students to consider what they would do in each scenario.

Depression Awareness & Suicide Prevention

The Story of Dan – Depression Awareness & Suicide Prevention

Danni starts the show as a highly functioning, socially well-adjusted teen, and is an only child in a single parent family. Her mother then starts a new relationship and add twins to this relationship. Dan’s world starts to fall apart following a move to another town due to family financial pressures and the necessity for Danni’s step father to find new employment. In this forum the audience is questioned as to how we can help Danni through various difficult periods of her life.

Key Program Themes

  • Building confidence
  • Addressing negative self-talk
  • Mental Health Help-seeking
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Peer pressure
  • Alcohol & Drugs
  • Student Well-being

What is Suicide Prevention?

We are a mental health organisation’s that focuses is on youth suicide prevention. Suicide prevention can equip the public in knowing how to deal with suicidal ideation and intervene in order to stop unpredictable behavior.

At Mind Blank it is our personal mission in life is educating young people to know:

  1. No matter what they are going through, they are not alone.
  2. We all need help sometimes. It is ok not to be ok.

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