How to Prevent Feeling Depressed

10 Things You Can Do To Support Your Mental Health  

Many studies have shown that meditation practice can ease symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Mindfulness and meditation practice is a great way to spend time to stop and reflect. It is a time to tune your thoughts to good vibes, relaxation, and breathing. Having a few minutes of just comfortably sitting straight, closing your eyes, and take a deep inhale and exhale. It will help you to be present in your life. Yoga can also help. If you have tried yoga or meditation, and they just simply do not work for you then you can do anything that makes you feel relaxed and less stressed.

“When you have depression or anxiety, exercise often seems like the last thing you want to do. But once you get motivated, exercise can make a big difference.”

Doing something exciting and thrilling outdoors like hiking, jogging, and physical activity can help improve your mood. It’s going to get your blood pumping giving you a good boost of feel good-vibes. It is good for you both physically and mentally.

The relationship between sleep and depression is complex. Keeping a regular sleep/wake schedule can help you cope and should be part of your treatment plans.

Having a good rest and sleep will make you feel energised and free from stress and anxiety. It will help you start each day with a bright mood and a good level of energy.

“Depression affects many people, and it can be life changing. Medical treatment and counseling can often help relieve symptoms, but lifestyle remedies, such as a healthful diet, can also boost a person’s well-being.”

Make sure to priorities a healthy diet. A balanced diet can lead to a healthy mind and body.

Research shows results that confirm that spending time with a friend, going for a coffee or visiting a museum can help people who are struggling with depression.

Talk to people you trust. It’s always good to open up to share what is going on in your life. Interacting with friends and family can help stimulate your brain, which just might be the hit of good vibes you are looking for.

“Volunteering is good for your mind and body”

Volunteering is a great opportunity to serve others in the community. This action can be fulfilling and heartwarming as your impact can make a real difference in someone else’s life. Volunteering will not just help you’re your mental wellbeing but will also help improve your self-worth.


“Laughter triggers the release of endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals. Endorphins promote an overall sense of well-being and can even temporarily relieve pain.”

Laughter is a great medicine.. When you laugh, you forget about all the pain and your problems. You’ll feel a little less stress, and you will find positivity spreads to all those involved.

Some people have found that traveling can help them connect with people which in turn has a positive effect on their mental well-being. Some claim that “encountering different situations, people and experiences through travel has allowed them to overcome depression or help cope with their depression in a natural way.” Jenny Marchal

Travel is so good for your soul. Having a little adventure anywhere out of your home town can give yourself a break from the day to day grind.

“Continuing your education and working at something you love are the two most beneficial ways to treat mental health issues like depression and anxiety”.
Finding a new hobby or working on a new skill is fantastic for your wellbeing. Improving yourself in such ways will make you feel less stressed

“Connections matter. Strong ties with family, friends and the community provide us with happiness, security, support and a sense of purpose. Being connected to others is important for our mental and physical wellbeing and can be a protective factor against anxiety and depression”.

Connecting with others is so important. In the hardest of times, it may feel like you are alone; however it is important to be open to trusting that there will always be someone willing to listen to you.