Mental Health Role Play

Does Your Workplace:

  • Have crisis response plans and wants to enter into prevention planning of mental health issues?
  • Want a workplace culture of empowered and loyal people?

How Do We Help?

Mind Blank’s health promotion programs showcase stories of lived experience with mental ill health. Professional actors to play out some scenarios and the stories end on a worst-case scenario. A program facilitator then asks participants to engage in conversations to consider how they would respond.

A forum discussion will take place to discuss the identification of signs and symptoms of mental health issues forming, as well as highlight help-seeking pathways that the characters in the story could intervene with to change the outcome on stage.

What You Receive:

  • Health promotion session length. 1.5 hour – 3 hour sessions.
  • Crisis support tools and templates.
  • Early intervention mental health manual designed for the leadership team to  continue to self-educate how to understand the evidence behind the investment of early intervention strategies.

Is It Appropriate For Your Workplace?

We are very aware that we are all from different walks of life, knowledge, and experience. However, mental health issues do not discriminate and can affect us all. Our stories are tailored from real life stories that can are designed to ensure they are topical and can be applied to a variety of workplaces.

2020 was a big year of whirl-winded change for us all. As we begin plans for a new year it is important to reaffirm a message to prioritising wellness strategies with our teams. This workshop can provide a fantastic reminder to individuals to look within and apply self-care as part of a proactive early intervention tactic.

Feedback From Participants

“We found it an absolutely amazing experience. We had the best feedback, it’s a really warm safe environment, and it was really engaging.It really was safe place for people to voice their opinions and it helps to contribute to a speak-up culture”

“Really great program and the role-playing out of difficult conversations was really good”

“I love your work and hopefully over time we can reduce the stigma and improve the outcomes for people with mental illness in the workplace.”

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