Mental Health Workshop - Suicide Prevention

Does you struggle to talk openly about mental health in your workplace? Do you find your workplace WH&S rules and regulations include psychological hazard controls to cover mental health crises, but you are not sure if your staff are confident in acting on early intervention tactics?

You find staff are acting on early intervention, however, there are signs that they may be taking on too much burden and are unfamiliar with the role to refer to seek out professional mental health workers support.

Mind Blank could be the experience you’ve been looking for!

Mental Health and Suicide Psychosocial Workplace Hazards

  • Did you know that in Australia, men account for 75 per cent of deaths by suicide?
  • Evidence suggest that men are less likely to seek-help for their mental health?

Program Description

We aim to reduce the risk of suicide through interactive workshops in workplaces and in the community. How it works is the Mind Blank team will host stories in support of pain points familiar to your workforce and use role play tools for early intervention skill-building. This will provide a safe environment to confirm early intervention best practice guidelines.

Through our interactive workshops we host a fun and light hearted experience. This provides a non-threating and safe environment to host important conversations on how mental health in the workplace can develop and build skills to know how to respond in a time of need.

What you receive:

  • Training session length. 1.5 hour – 3 hour sessions.
  • Tools and templates to support further understanding of early intervention mental health practice in the workplace.
  • Clear definitions of the role of an accidental counsellor and checklist support to prevention first responder’s from falling into this role by chance.
  • Video case study and workbook activities to continue to built confidence to apply the new skills and concepts in a workplace setting.

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