The impact of mental health conditions is increasing worldwide
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Workplace Mental Health

With the help of Mind Blank’s accedited workplace mental health training program businesses can better understand what mental health looks like in a workplace setting. Our team helps staff to adopt skills and strategies to deal with the mitigation of psychosocial hazards that may present in a workplace setting. Explainer video approx. 1.11mins.

This page will take you through the following information:
- Why your business should invest in early intervention mental health strategies.
- We will show you an example of our work.
- Then we will run you through the bookings process.

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Why Invest in Early Intervention Mental Health Strategies
The direct financial cost of mental illness to Australian businesses is approximately $13 billion (KPMG,2018).  Millions of Australian workers are becoming mentally unwell in workplaces (Molly, 2019).

Cost effectiveness of community-based crisis intervention efforts can save lives (Comans et al, 2013). Evidence shows that promoting a positive workplace culture can increase an individual’s chances of seeking help and support when it comes to their mental and emotional health. Health programs show a great return on investment. In fact, value in a Federal study shows $5.81 of value for every dollar spent (Federal Government Assessment via Comcare, 2011).

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What programs can we offer?
Mind Blank workplace programs provide mental health education and offer prevention and early intervention training that focuses on resilience building to skill up employees in a workplace setting.

Mind Blank will facilitate an online or face-to-face health workshop. Stories of lived experience are shared and professional actors and trained up health care workers will host a resilience-building session using role play techniques to engage the audience to learn new skills.

Program participants will walk away understanding the value of self-care application. They will know how to promote a speak-up culture and will have learnt the important pathways for help-seeking to encourage emotional and mental wellness. Practical application of any of the above skills has the potential to increase an individual’s chance of early intervention to support their health and wellbeing.

Mind Blank offers workplace-training programs thatbuild skills and mental health literacy. We guarantee high participantengagement in a fun, participatory and non-threatening environment which willimprove staff communication and morale.

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Below are some testimonials from school teachers, young people, mental health service providers, businesses and clients.

A workshop with young people
““The videos were a wonderful demonstration on the reality of what is happening around us... I liked how they were real enough and separate enough to encourage the talking points.”
Program Attendee
A school teacher
"I thought it was fantastic. I loved how we had a discussion and came up with solutions together. Hearing other peoples perspective on the situation... We got a lot out of it”
Program Attendee
An adult with a note pad
"The employee's enjoyed the performances... The workshop itself was thorough in its discussions and it was good to hear the different perspectives from the team members".
A man in a suit
“We found it an absolutely amazing experience. We had the best feedback, it’s a really warm safe environment, and it was really engaging. It really was safe place for people to voice their opinions and it helps to contribute to a speak-up culture"
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