Body Image

At Mind Blank we know that recognising body image and eating disorders can be tricky, as each individual approaches food differently. Eating disorders can take many forms and are characterized by disturbed eating or eating-related behaviours that lead to changes in the person's food consumption to a degree that is harmful to their health and well-being.

Eating disorder in Australia infographic website

How We Help

One of Mind Blank’s objectives is to help young people identify the signs and symptoms of mental health issues, including poor body-image and eating disorders. If you identify a person is suffering from an eating disorders or poor body-image, you can do something about it by seeking help, supporting your peers or speaking to your teachers.

We have created a theatrical learning program that aims to expand the options for young people to make healthy choices about their bodies, diet, exercise and self-representation. The performance explores body image, self-esteem, stress management and gender relations through the story of Jane.


 Want to support your young person through self-care tactics and provoking self-love ?  

The Mind Blank team are proud to be affiliated with Weight Management Revolution a program designed to promote emotional health and wellbeing by re-training a positive mindset and encouraging ongoing personal growth. Emma L Baker, founder of Weight Management Revolution and Ambassador for a Weight Management course for Onfit Training College,  understands the importance of emotional health and wellbeing through her own lived experience. In her personal journey of finding herself, she has overcome battling with low self-esteem and the trauma from having an eating disorder. Emma now invests her energy in empowering young people to reverse the damage of low self-esteem that begins at a young age. She helps youths by encouraging self-care tactics and provoking self-love in the relationship they have with themselves.  Emma’s personal mission is to ensure that no individual feels unloved, disconnected or disadvantage through pressure in “normality and social conditioning”.

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