Does your primary school or community group struggle with the need to talk openly about mental health? Are you unsure how to introduce the topic without overwhelming your children?  Mind Blank could be the experience you’ve been looking for! Get in touch today for a school information pack.

How it works?

We will visit your school and perform our specially-designed interactive show, which tackles important topics surrounding mental health. We have adapted subject matter to suit primary school aged children and we can present topics such as depression awareness, transition to high school, and anxiety prevention. We may also be able to provide custom scripts for your community’s specific needs.

The program will run for 45min max and can host up to 180 students in one session.

Mental Health In Australian Schools

Did you know: early efforts of intervention have been encouraged? Signs of this are seen by the need to support children in their final years of primary school?

By focusing on prevention and early intervention angles our programs end up creating:
– a fun learning experience for children
– greater mental health understanding
– development of new skills
– increased help seeking at school

Linking with curriculum

Our programs are evidence based practice, we work in parallel with health professionals and researchers to develop our scripts and approach. Mind Blank’s work is inline with the school curriculum and is supportive of the following areas: pastoral care, behaviour management, student welfare, student safety and student well-being.

Our work is also designed and works in line with the following structures: KidsMatters, A National Framework for Health Promoting Schools, National Mental Health Commission, State Based Suicide Prevention Action Plans, National Safe Schools Framework,National Framework for Values Education in Australian Schools.


Feedback from Teachers

“The actors were excellent in interacting with the students we have at our school. The show was the best I’ve seen in my 3 years at school… The topics covered were age appropriate and addressed the social skills we need in our area. Well done to everyone!! The children talked about the actors long after they had left. Their presence made a big impact on our students.”

Feedback from the Children  

“It helped me learn about feelings and helps me know I can ask for help”                              

“I enjoyed the play, it was not only fun, but it made awareness around mental health.”

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