Online Mental Health Education Programs

The direct financial cost of mental illness to Australia businesses is approx. $13 billion (KPMG, 2018). Cost effectiveness of a community-based crisis intervention efforts can save lives (Comans et al, 2013). Promoting a positive workplace culture can increase individual’s chances of seeking help and support when it comes to their mental and emotional health.

Mind Blank workplace programs create a fun, safe and engaging environment to raise awareness around how mental health can manifest in the workplace.  We use professional actors and program facilitators to educate workers on effective management of mental health issues in the workplace. Our team have created video materials based on stories of lived experience to provoke discussion points on psychological hazards and their impact on workers’ mental health. We also help to build skills to know how to respond in a time of need.

How The Program Works?

This program can be run face‐to‐face hybrid session or it can be hosted through an online portal.  Supporting your team through this program can reinforce preventative practices and early intervention strategies.

Did you know Investing in your workplace can lead to the following outcomes:

– Thriving workers
– Increased productivity
– Decreased absenteeism
– Decreased occupational injuries and illnesses
– Decreased workers’ compensation claims
– Increased engagement and job satisfaction
– Decreased turnover and selection costs
– Increased attraction of top level talent
– The return on investment for a mentally healthy workplace is $2.30 for every $1 invested.