Online Mental Health Programs

Do You Know What To Do In A Time of Need?

The world is a whirlwind for us all right now! Mental health is so important at the moment, and our business is still open!

Please see the information below on how our team can help support online mental health education programs over the coming weeks. 

Our Programs

Do you struggle to talk openly to children or teenagers about their mental health? Are you looking for a unique way to kick start the discussion? 

We have designed some online tools and materials to bring together some specially-designed interactive workshops which tackle important topics such as exam stress, anxiety awareness, and dealing with change in relation to COVID 19.  Express your interest by filling out this form click here. School holiday program costs are subsidised by fundraising efforts from Success Resources Australia. This is a package program because we will be offering a FREE parent's education session for every child or young person who attends the workshop. 

We have workshops designed for the primary school students years 5-6 approx 10-12. 
As well as programs tailored for young people aged 13-14, & 15-16 of age.

We Need Your Help

Do you know any who we could support? If this program interests you please send through an EOI via this link. Click here.