Youth Mental Health Summit in Canterbury-Bankstown, NSW

Mind Blank were very excited to run their first in-person NSW workshop in two years! Canterbury-Bankstown City Council invited Mind Blank to engage local teens at the Youth Mental Health Summit in Belmore on April 5.

In leading up to the Summit, Canterbury-Bankstown City Council mentioned that “mental health and emotional wellbeing was raised as a top issue across all reference groups, with many young people experiencing stress related to education, employment, family conflict, bullying, racism and discrimination.” Reference link here.

Mind Blank’s workshop focused on some of these issues – stress related to education and family conflict. The students were encouraged to discuss the situations performed by Mind Blank in their groups – one situation involving a parent and another with a teacher.

The enthusiastic students then brainstormed solutions to the conflict/issues presented. The actors role-played the student’s solutions and the discussions continued with the students coming to the conclusion that the first person you ask for help may not always be the right person to help you.  Therefore, don’t give up and keep going until you find the right person!

Mind Blank workshops are customised to suit the issues you want to address, age appropriate and can be tailored to your workplace group. Please see our programs page for more information.

A thank you note – one of the Mind Blank performers was unwell on the day of the Youth Mental Health Summit, however, Mind Blank was able to find a solution and keep their morning time slot for the workshop.  An amazing young headspace Bankstown representative, Marco, jumped in last minute to take on the role of the student, working seamlessly with the Mind Blank actors and facilitator. Thank you, Marco!