Mind Blank secures Mental Awareness Foundation (MAF) funding to support hundreds of Brisbane Students

Mind Blank is excited to announce that the Mental Awareness Foundation (MAF) has provided funding to implement mental health programs to hundreds of children and young people in four schools in the Brisbane City Council area.

Over the coming months Mind Blank will perform theatrical workshops focusing on early intervention and mental health help-seeking tactics. Each workshop will be tailored to the needs of the students through consultation with the schools.

Teachers and Students say it helps!

Mind Blank has had a great response to their past interactive mental health programs with a teacher commenting: “The topics covered were age-appropriate and addressed the social skills we need in our area. The students talked about the actors long after they had left, and their presence made a big impact on our students.”  

A student explained the impact, “When we learnt about mental health before, they said ‘this is what will happen, you won’t be able to concentrate blah, blah, blah. But we had a different feeling about it after seeing people act it out and see how it would actually affect people our age, how it would affect their life, even in the smallest details.”

If you are keen to see Mind Blank at your school or workplace then please contact us and feel free to have a read over some of our workshops and resources.

The Mental Awareness Foundation supports organisations on the ‘front line of mental health services’ and raises awareness about depression and mental illness.

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